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Editor’s Note: in the interest of full disclosure, the editor is the son of Republican Candidate Bill Beardsley, although every effort was made to perform analysis in an objective manner, I encourage readers to take advantage of the links to the candidate’s websites to do additional research. The information in this preview is for informational purposes only for PLC of Maine membership and does not constitute an endorsement by the PLC of Maine for any candidate.  PLC analysis is based on research done by the Editor and represents his views, not necessarily those of the PLC or its Membership.

Primary – June 8, 2010

The following are brief profiles of the candidates for Governor.  They will face off in their respective Primary Races on June 8th.  Maine has a “closed primary” meaning only Registered Republicans vote in the Republican Primary, only Registered Democrats vote in the Democratic Primary, and only registered Green Independents vote in the Green Independent Primary. Candidates are listed alphabetically, grouped by party. Independent or Unenrolled Candidates do not have a primary, candidates who meet qualification requirements automatically appear on the General Election ballot in November, and they are not included.

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