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Organization takes steps with industry partners to provide user friendly design and content

Hemphill, Texas (December 12, 2011) – Today, the American Loggers Council (ALC) unveiled a newly redesigned website.   Americanloggers.org provides news and resources to better support the mission of the ALC to serve as a unified voice for professional loggers and to communicate with the public and policy makers on the issues that are of critical importance to the nation’s loggers.  The new site contains easily accessible multimedia, contact information and advocacy resources, making it the go to place for loggers to obtain the latest in information and news on national issues.

“We believe that we now have one of the premier sites in the industry to better serve those that we represent,” said Danny Dructor, executive vice president, American Loggers Council.  “We worked hand in hand with our friends at John Deere and its creative teams to develop a site that is user- friendly and easier to navigate.  Financial support from both Caterpillar Forest Products and Bandit Industries also helped to provide the necessary funds to get the site up and running.”

“The on-the-ground, real-life video found on the site will help to put a face on the nation’s loggers and one that the public needs to see to better understand our industry,” Dructor went on to say.  “For the most part, we are still considered an invisible industry as most of our operations are far away from the public’s view.  One goal of the site is to bring the logger to the public so that they will have a better understanding of the professionalism of the industry.”  There will be regular updates to the site, keeping the content current with current issues.

ALC President Steve Sherich commented that “the site is but one phase of the organizational work that is being done by the ALC to establish its identity with the loggers and the public,” and that “other programs are in the works, including building stronger communications and networking between our members and our sponsors.”  “We are proud of the partnerships that have evolved over the past 17 years with all of our sponsors, but my hat’s off to John Deere for their creative efforts on this project and to Caterpillar and Bandit for helping to make the website a reality.”

The American Loggers Council is a 501(c)(6) organization representing timber harvesting professionals in 30 states.  For more information contact the American Loggers Council Office at 409-625-0206 or visit their website at www.americanloggers.org.