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Statewide Standards for Timber Harvesting and Related Activities in Shoreland Areas will be taking effect in certain municipalities January 1, 2013.

On January 1, 2013 organized towns that have decided to adopt statewide standards for timber harvesting and related activities in shoreland areas will have statewide standards go into effect.

Towns that have either elected to retain their old shoreland zoning ordinance for timber harvesting or not taken action on statewide standards will continue under their old shoreland zoning rules until they take action.

Areas under the administration of the Land Use Planning Commission (formerly know as LURC) will also continue under current rules for the time being.

A map and list of the status of each town is below. The map and list will be updated as new towns adopt statewide standards.

Town Status List (pdf)

Town Status Map (pdf)

Informational Training Sessions

The Maine Forest Service will be holding a series of informational training sessions on statewide standards for timber harvesting and related activities in shoreland areas.  These standards will be replacing old town ordinances for timber harvesting in the shoreland zone in certain municipalities starting January 1, 2013. These sessions will run from 6:30-8:30 PM at each location and will take place regardless of weather. Each session will give an overview of the standards, provide information on resources for assistance with the standards and be an opportunity to ask questions.  Foresters, loggers and landowners who harvest timber in shoreland areas are encouraged to attend.

Click Here For More Information and Info. Session Schedule