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Peterbilt hosts American Loggers Council Summer Board meeting

Hemphill, Texas (July 29, 2013) – Members of the American Loggers Council (ALC) gathered on July 26 through July 27 in Grapevine, Texas for their Summer Board of Directors meeting that was hosted by Peterbilt.

The two day program began with a Friday morning meeting and tour of the Peterbilt production facilities located in Denton, Texas where Jim Zito, National Vocational Sales Manager for Peterbilt and Dan Brunner, Regional Vocational Sales Manager for Peterbilt lead discussions on not only their line-up of products being offered to the timber harvesting industry, but a look into the future as to what part liquefied natural gas might play in the industry.

Following the morning discussions, members were treated to a tour of the 430,000+ square foot production facilties where Peterbilt is producing many models of its trucks, including their latest Model 567.  The group was able to walk the floor while asking questions and seeing much of the technology that goes into building the Peterbilt line of trucks.

Following the plant tour, members gathered again to comment and ask questions pertaining to the tour, as well as the rebate program that Peterbilt is currently offering to ALC members in good standing with their State and Regional logging associations; details available on the ALC web site at www.americanloggers.org.

Peterbilt treated the ALC Board members to lunch at Rudy’s Barbeque Restaurant for a real taste of Texas prior to returning everyone to the hotel.

Saturday morning, the American Loggers Council Board of Directors met to review committee work and other proposals that have been presented since their last meeting in March.  Reports were heard from the executive, legislative, transportation, communications, membership and nominations committees.

ALC Board members discussed the current review process for the Sustainable Forestry Initiative program and came up with recommendations for ALC comments geared toward logger training and education programs as well a defined amount of timber that can be delivered from untrained loggers to a consuming SFI Program participating mill.

Other business included approval to work with Media Planet to produce a 12-18 page editorial that would appear in USA Today as an insert, depicting logging and the role that it plays in our economy and the professionalism that now exists within the industry.  Circulation is expected to be close to 500,000 copies in targeted areas where the general public needs to know more about the industry.

A slate of nominees for officer positions was introduced by the nominations committee, and those positions will be voted on at the Annual Meeting to be held in Marksville, Louisiana on September 28th.

Fleetmatics representatives Rick Mills and Steve Gorman presented the Board members with the latest technology available for fleet management that can be utilized in the log trucking industry to help cut costs and haul more efficiently.  Fleetmatics is one of the newest sponsors of the ALC.

ALC Vice President Brian Nelson commented that he was “very thankful for Peterbilt for rolling out the red carpet for the ALC and its members,” and that he felt that “with Peterbilt’s support combined with the many other organizations that are currently sponsoring the American Loggers Council, that the opportunities for growth and bringing about needed changes to the industry could happen.”

ALC Executive Vice President Danny Dructor stated that, “It is a real opportunity to share quality time with our sponsors, and grow those relationships.  What we do, here at the American Loggers Council is not only important to our members, but to all of those whose livelihoods depend on a healthy logging infrastructure.   I wish to thank all of our friends at Peterbilt for the tremendous effort that was made in making us feel welcome, and more importantly, establishing the groundwork that we hope will keep us working together for years to come.”

About the American Loggers Council

The American Loggers Council is a 501(c)(6) organization representing timber harvesting professionals in 30 states.  For more information contact the American Loggers Council Office at 409-625-0206 or visit their website at www.americanloggers.org.