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Thursday, May 6, 2010, 3-5 pm, Rockport

This program will be presented by Maine Forest Service District Forester Morten Moesswilde. The workshop is co-sponsored by Knox-Lincoln Soil and Water Conservation District, and Coastal Mountains Land Trust. This is a hands-on field workshop to talk about thinning young forests to improve long term growth, timber quality, wildlife habitat, or even aesthetics of these stands. These activities are sometimes referred to as “Pre-commercial thinning” or “Timber stand improvement”, and are appropriate in forests with trees roughly 2-10 inches in diameter. Often a “firewood” thinning can both improve the stand and produce usable wood for fuel, crafts, or other projects. We’ll emphasize the basic ideas of tree species selection, density, crown health and vigor, and defects. The workshop will take place at CMLT’s Beech Hill Preserve, meeting at the Rockville Street trailhead. This program is FREE for all participants and is co- sponsored with the Knox-Lincoln SWCD and the Maine Forest Service. Please contact Rebecca Jacobs at 273-2005 ext 101.