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General Election  – November 2, 2010

The following are brief profiles of the candidates for Governor.  They will face off in the General Election on November 2nd! Candidates are listed by party – Independent or Unenrolled candidates who met qualification requirements to appear on the General Election ballot are also included, listed alphabetically.  Write-In Candidates are not included, regardless of whether they have “declared” with the Secretary of States office or not.  Below the preview is a list of each candidate in the order they appear in the preview with a link to their website.

Republican Paul LePage

Democrat Libby Mitchell

Eliot Cutler

Independent Eliot Cutler

Independent Shawn Moody

Independent Kevin Scott

Click Here for the: 2010 Maine Governor Race – Election Preview

Libby Mitchell
Paul LePage
Eliot Cutler
Shawn Moody
Kevin Scott

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