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Tuesdays 4 pm 3.15.2011 Δ prev. week in currency Δ beg. 2011 in currency
PIX US NBSK USD 986.13 +6.77 +19.02
PIX US Newsprint USD 626.92 0.00 +1.32
PIX US Newsprint 27.65lb USD 669.73 0.00 +0.43

Market Comments

Mar 15, 2011

US NBSKP – In January, both the BSKP and BHKP market pulp shipments to North American destinations were down from January 2010, the former by 8.5% and the latter by 7.0%. The solid demand in China and the global tightness of the BSKP market was, however, the key market driver also in the US. Virtually all major suppliers had announced pricing initiatives from March 1, lifting the price of NBSKP typically to 990 USD/ton. By the 2nd week of the month, those increases had largely gone through. Our PIX NBSKP US index moved further up by 6.77 USD/ton, or by 0.7%, and closed at 986.13 USD/ton.

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