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Acadia Announces Professional Logging Contractors Dividend Valuations* for 2008 and 2009 Plan Years

(as of November 1, 2010)

2008 Plan Year – Second of Two Adjustments

Based on the group loss ratio of 29%, Acadia has determined that the second half of the 2008 dividend to be paid this year is $563,476. The dividend pool will be distributed to members with qualifying loss ratios. This final adjustment brings the total dividend for 2008 to $1,346,445.

2009 Plan Year – First of Two Adjustments

The first half of the 2009 Plan Year dividend has been calculated, based on a Loss Ratio of 30% and equals $645,332, which will be paid to qualifying members now. The second half the 2009 Plan Year will be calculated on October 1st, 2011.

Between these two dividend adjustments, the total dividend earned this period by PLC members with qualifying loss ratios is $1,208,808.  Acadia thanks you for your business and continued support of the PLC Safety Group. The program’s strong performance to date shows the positive impact we can have on our end customers. We hope this news reinforces the value of the safety group and helps you develop new business opportunities. Please contact Kimberly Farquhar at kimberly.farquhar@acadia-ins.com with questions.

* Dividends are based upon experience, are subject to Board approval and the terms and conditions of the Program, and are not guaranteed. The amount of dividends paid in the past are not indicative of what may be payable in the future.

PLC Dividend Announcement