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By Ken Martin, ALC President

First I would like to thank Richard Schwab for his Leadership of ALC during the last year and the great job he has done. Richard is always interesting in his thought process as well as entertaining in the delivery of those thoughts. He was certainly born “Out of the Box”

As 2016 moves right along, Thanksgiving and Christmas are fast approaching. We have a lot of serious decisions to make in the coming months that will affect us, not only as individuals, but our country for years to come. I am sure most of us remember 9-11. Our country was united, as we have never seen it before, following this tragic event. Being united is what America has done for more than 200 years. We became the nation that the world looked to for Leadership, Financial Stability, and a Model Democratic Government.

Today America is as divided as most of us have ever seen in our Lifetime. We appear to have run low on leadership at every level of government. We stall meaningful legislation in Congress because we are so divided. Where is the humility that our founding fathers had when writing a document that has served us for more than 200 years? Our very presence as a Democratic Society is at stake. This may very well be the most important election of our lifetime.

When we go to the polls in November, we must elect Leaders who will bring Americans back together. Leaders that truly want to inspire and serve the people and not their own financial interests. We must elect Leadership that will pass Laws that will create an environment encouraging entrepreneurs to develop new, productive technology and equipment, to exert the U.S. in global trade, and allow American industry to once again lead the World with our ability to produce quality products at a competitive price while employing American workers. We must select Leaders that inspire us to be the very best we can be.

Make no mistake, the men and women we elect in November will set the tone in Washington, while the world evaluates our decision. The next President will most likely have the opportunity to appoint several Supreme Court Justices for life, to make appointments that shape the attitude for Clean Air and Clean Water Standards, and transform our Transportation Industry, just to name a few.

These are serious times, do not take your choice of elected official lightly. Become an informed voter before you go to vote this year and vote for candidates that will unite us and inspire us, to once again, be the best that we can be.

Ken Martin is the current President of the American Loggers Council and owns and operates MarCal, Inc. based out of Mendenhall, Mississippi.

The American Loggers Council is a 501 (c)(6) not for profit trade organization representing professional timber harvesters in 32 states across the United States. If you would like to learn more about the ALC, please visit their web site at www.amloggers.com, or contact their office at 409-625-0206.