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June 3, 2010

Review and comment on Draft State Forest Assessment and Strategy

We invite the public to review and comment on Maine’s draft State Forest Assessment and Strategy.

The Draft Forest Assessment provides information on forest conditions and trends and identifies the key issues and threats to forests statewide.  It also identifies priority forest areas as required by the 2008 Farm Bill.  The Draft Strategy describes the key statewide forest issues identified in the assessment and outlines objectives and strategies for addressing them.  The Strategy supports Maine Forest Service’s statutory mission of promoting the sustainable use and protection of Maine’s forests.

Download a copy of the draft at http://www.maine.gov/doc/mfs/mfs/state_assessment/downloads/maine_assessment_strategy_public_comment_draft_06022010.pdf

Please note that some sections still require work and internal review and could change significantly.

Comments will be accepted through 10 June 2010. It will help us in our review if you are specific as to the document, page, and issue or strategy you are commenting on.  You may submit comments through forestinfo@maine.gov.  Please include “State Forest Assessment” in the subject line.

Thank you.