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Tuesdays 4 pm 17.5.2011 Δ prev. week in currency Δ beg. 2011 in currency
PIX US NBSK USD 1019.79 +0.65 +52.68
PIX US Newsprint USD 624.24 -0.95 -1.36
PIX US Newsprint 27.65lb USD 665.09 -1.02 -4.21

Market Comments May 17, 2011

US NBSK – Mood among pulp market people continued relatively upbeat during the International Pulp Week in Vancouver last week. In addition to the seasonal downtime, pulp supply in North America has been affected by some technical problems. Flooding could, once again, cause wood supply or other problems in Southern US. Weak paper shipments in some market pulp consuming grades, notably uncoated free sheet, are among the negative drivers. Our PIX NBSK US headed further up, this time by 65 cents, or by 0.06%, and closed at 1019.79 USD/ton…

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