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Tuesdays 4 pm 10.5.2011 Δ prev. week in currency Δ beg. 2011 in currency
PIX US NBSK USD 1019.14 +2.93 +52.03
PIX US Newsprint USD 625.19 0.00 -0.41
PIX US Newsprint 27.65lb USD 666.11 0.00 -3.19

Market Comments 

May 10, 2011

US NBSK – The latest pulp price increase in USA has obviously been successful, as the prices reported to our PIX US NBSKP have continued upwards through April. Our PIX US NBSKP index has tracked the development and has closed in on the attempted May target of 1020 USD/ton, and that was the case also for the change from last week. Our PIX NBSK US headed again higher, this time by 2.93 dollars, or by 0.29%, and closed at 1019.14 USD/ton…

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