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Tuesdays 4 pm 12.4.2011 Δ prev. week in currency Δ beg. 2011 in currency
PIX US NBSK USD 1013.43 +20.64 +46.32
PIX US Newsprint USD 625.19 -1.51 -0.41
PIX US Newsprint 27.65lb USD 666.11 -3.38 -3.19

Market Comments

Apr 12, 2011

US NBSK – The low market pulp sales volumes in early 2011, largely due to the weakness in the printing and writing paper production, do not show in the softwood pulp market pricewise. With good demand pull outside the US and with some maintenance down-time already being taken and some more to come, the market has been firm. Even in hardwood, the market has tightened, although the resistance to price increase initiatives has been much stronger than in softwood.  Price increases have been announced separately by several major producers, typically by 30 USD/ton from April 1. Most of that increase attempt is already through in our benchmark. Our PIX NBSK US index moved up by 20.64 USD, or by 2.08%, and closed at 1013.43 USD/ton.

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