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Governor LePage & Logging Contractors Discuss Prosperous Future for Loggers

New Gloucester – The Board of Directors of the Professional Logging Contractors of Maine met with Governor LePage today to discuss concerns they have about the future of Maine’s logging industry. PLC is a trade organization of loggers serving loggers. “Our Board was excited to meet with Governor LePage today (Tuesday, November 8th) in Augusta to talk about our concerns”, stated, Tom Cushman, the group’s President.

“This was a great opportunity for these business owners to reach out to Governor LePage, and provide him with a background of the logging business and the challenges and changes we have seen over past two decades. We highlighted our serious concern for the future of our logging contractor’s business viability and the negative impact their exiting the business would have on the entire forest products industry here in Maine. We want to make certain our industry is vibrant for future generations of loggers and we are convinced this is what the Governor wants too,” explained Beardsley, PLC’s Executive Director.

“We are grateful that the Governor agreed to meet with us, this is the first Governor to consent to meet with our Board, it was an honor”, remarked Brian Souers, PLC’s 2nd Vice President. Souers continued, “We discussed the ‘bonded labor issue’ and the factors contributing to overall capacity issues from the logger’s perspective.  Healthy logging contractors will add capacity in terms of employees and equipment, if their logging operations are profitable and the potential financial rewards outweigh the potential financial risks. We discussed the challenges logging contractors face, possible solutions, and how the administration can help.”

“Governor LePage made it clear that Maine needs to create more jobs and better jobs. Logging contractors provide well paying jobs with benefits.  We met with the Governor, as private enterprises, to discuss ways the state can be more responsive to loggers as business owners, to allow loggers to prosper and serve as a catalyst for job creation in Maine” said Bob Linkletter, PLC’s 1st Vice President.

PLC was created in 1995 by a group of Maine Loggers to provide loggers a voice in a rapidly changing industry. We continue this effort today, representing loggers that harvest 75% of the actively harvested land in Maine. From the outset, PLC has focused on advocacy, safety, quality operations and business innovation. Our Members realize that harvesting is more than just cutting trees. They are highly skilled, business professionals and are an integral part of Maine’s economic engine. Our Members are dedicated to maintaining a safe work environment, a healthy forest and industry, as well as being efficient and profitable. Always have been, always will be. PLC of Maine is standing strong for loggers, yesterday, today and tomorrow. For more information visit our website www.maineloggers.com or call our office 207-688-8195.