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Friday 3/26/2010 Update:

LD 1552 was taken up by the Senate today, it was fast tracked and passed to be enacted.

The Senate Roll Call Vote to Enact:

Roll Call # 372
19 Yeas
13 Nays
2 Excused
1 Absent

CLICK HERE to view the Roll Call in the Senate

The House Voted to enact earlier in the day:

Date: March 26, 2010
Number of Yeas Required: 70 (simple majority)
Yeas (Y): 70
Nays (N): 68
Absent (X): 13
Excused (E): 0

CLICK HERE to view the House Roll Call #321 (To Enact)
Since this bill has been passed to be enacted by both the House and Senate, it now goes to the Governor who can:

1) Sign the bill
2) Veto the bill
3) allow it to become law without signature (after 10 days, excluding Sunday)
4) disapprove a dollar amount using line item veto

Indications are that the Governor will sign the bill, meaning the bill will become law 90 days after the final adjournment of this legislative session.