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Roxanne Quimby has been appointed by the Obama administration to the board of directors of the National Park Foundation. Quimby has been buying tens of thousands of acres of land in Maine to flip to the Federal government in order to eliminate private property rights. This political appointment puts Quimby into an influential position along with other viros in the Obama administration to promote the agenda for a Federal takeover of rural Maine to replace private ownership and local government with Federal forced wilderness preservation.

Quimby told Yankee Magazine in 2008:

“To me, ownership and private property were the beginning of the end in this country. Once the Europeans came in, drawing lines and dividing things up, things started getting exploited and overconsumed. But a park takes away the whole issue of ownership. It’s off the table; we all own it and we all share it. It’s so democratic.“

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Exerpts from the press release:

“We are thrilled to welcome Jeremy Jaech, Roxanne Quimby, and David Shaw to the National Park Foundation’s Board of Directors,” said Neil Mulholland, president and CEO of National Park Foundation. “Each brings a unique and valuable perspective and skill set to the board, along with a shared passion for America’s National Parks.”

Roxanne Quimby, known for her eco-friendly personal-care product line Burt’s Bees, is also a passionate protector of Maine’s northern and coastal forests. Her non-profit foundation, Elliotsville Plantation Inc., has bought and conserved approximately 120,000 acres of wild lands in Maine Woods at risk of or already damaged by logging for timber. The foundation focuses on creating a landscape of protected preserves and works to restore native plant and animal species such as the wolf, lynx and salmon.

Ms. Quimby is listed on the National Park Foundation’s website: http://www.nationalparks.org/npf-at-work/board/