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Omnibus Lands Bill Sneak Attack In Lame Duck, You’ll Lose!

—–Before you do anything else after reading this message, forward

it on to as much of your e-mail list as you can.

By forwarding this message you can help create an uprising against

any Omnibus Federal Lands bill that rears it ugly head in the Lame

Duck Session of Congress.

The Omnibus Federal Lands bill as well as the LWCF Billion Dollar

Trust Fund and the Corps and EPA Wetlands Land and Water Grab bill

can be stopped but you and ALRA as well as many other groups as

possible. All of us must work together to stop this massive attack on

your rights.

You must let any Congressman or Senator who votes for the likely

Omnibus Federal Lands Bill know now, before the vote, that you will

remember and he or she will be held accountable.

We’ve listed the Senators who voted for the Omnibus Federal Lands

bill in 2009 so you can call them and make sure they know you will

hold any vote on a possible 2010 Omnibus Federal Lands Bill against

them. With the recent election results, they are likely to pay

attention to you.

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