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Two years ago, the Greater Augusta Utility District (GAUD) hired JM Forestry and PLC Member, Trees LTD, to manage and harvest the watershed property around Carleton Pond in Readfield, Maine. The harvesting occurred during two winters, including mud season, along Routes 17 and 135, and concentrated on the “beauty strip” along the roads. Care was taken during the height of mud season to also keep the public road clean where the trucks exited the landings.

The lead presenter will be Jake Maier, Consulting Forester in Orland; joined by Brian Tarbuck, GM of GAUD, and Will Cole, VP of Trees LTD and PLC Board Member, who was responsible for the on-the-ground operations.

Discussion points will include:

  • Single tree and Group Selection, necessities in a “vacation land?”
  • Does good forestry have to look good?
  • Whole tree harvest in a selection cut–a paradox?
  • Financial aspect of an intensive selection cut.

September 11th, 2014

Greater Augusta Utility District Carleton Pond Watershed

Intersection of Route 17 and 135, Readfield, Maine

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