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AUGUSTA – The Professional Logging Contractors (PLC) of Maine today welcomed the news that veteran District Forester Patty Cormier of Farmington has been named the new Director of the Maine Forest Service.

Cormier, who has more than 30 years of experience as a forester, will replace Douglas Denico, who has served in the post for the past 8 years.


Dana Doran, Executive Director of the PLC, said Cormier is well known to the PLC and its members through her work as a district forester and as a representative of the Maine Forest Service.


“We believe that Ms. Cormier is a terrific choice to lead the agency as she is objective, mission driven, has integrity, values the agency and its people and will ensure that the Maine Forest Service assists the logging industry with its success,” Doran said. “We have always found her to be a professional in her dealings with the PLC and its members and we look forward to a strong working relationship with the agency.”


“Professional loggers in Maine need the Maine Forest Service to work as a partner with them for the betterment of our working forests and the rural communities, loggers, and truckers who depend on them. We are confident that Ms. Cormier will bring competence, experience, and fairness to this task,” Doran added.


Cormier began her career as a forester in 1988 after graduating from the University of Maine with a Bachelor of Science in Forest Management.  Cormier has been a District Forester for the Maine Forest Service since 1999, including eight years in the mid-coast area before transferring to the western mountains area.


The Maine Forest Service works to ensure that the trees and forest lands of Maine will continue to provide benefits for present and future generations of Maine people. This goal is shared by the PLC and its members, who achieve it through sustainable timber harvesting and forest management practices that keep Maine’s working forests healthy and productive.