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In the Senate the bill LD 1826 was amended to reflect a “reduced” $57.8 million bond package.

The Senate Roll Call on the Motion to ADOPT the amendment, SJS-546 TO CAH-830, (requiring a Simple Majority): passed 31-4  Roll Call HERE

The full bill then was passed the Senate “under the gavel” and sent to the House for concurance.

In the House on the Motion to Enact: the bill – PREVAILS (received the approval of 2/3 of Membership required for approval of an Emergency Measure) 102 Yea, 42 Nay, 5 Absent (0 Excused)

Roll Call HERE

Senate Vote to Enact (also requiring 2/3 to pass):

Yeas 30
Nays 5

Steven is correct with the votes against. View Roll Call (420) HERE