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Senator Susan Collins (R-ME)

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The U.S. Senate has passed a Continuing Resolution (CR) to fund the federal government through December 3.  Senator Susan Collins, a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, supported passage of CR after voting in favor of an amendment that would have reduced overall non-defense, veterans and homeland security spending by five percent.  This amendment, which failed to receive the necessary 60 votes for passage, would have reduced spending in the CR by more than $22 billion.

Senator Collins did not support an amendment that would have extended the CR to February 2011.

Following passage, Senator Collins released this statement:

“This Continuing Resolution, which expires on December 3, does not contain the provision, which I requested, that would permanently raise the federal truck weight limit in Maine. The pilot project, which I authored, that allows trucks weighing up to 100,000 pounds to travel on federal interstate highways in Maine is set to expire on December 17th.  Without an extension or a permanent fix before that date, all trucks weighing more than 80,000 pounds will be forced off the highway and back onto the smaller, secondary roads in Maine that pass through small towns and villages.

“I did not support an amendment that would have extended this CR to February 2011 because that would have eliminated any chance of securing a permanent truck weight fix before the pilot project expires.

“When Congress resumes, I am hopeful that we can put together a fiscally-responsible Appropriations bill that will continue to fund the federal government without adding to our nation’s unsustainable debt.  And, I will continue to work to help ensure that it includes language that will permanently raise Maine’s federal highway truck weight limit, thus helping to preserve and create jobs in our state.”