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As directed by the Maine Legislature last year, the Attorney General’s Office issues “Study of Statewide Market for Forest Products Harvesting and Hauling Services”.

The Legislature directed that the report address the following issues:


1. Issues of market concentration and horizontal market power;

2. Issues of vertical market power arising from integrated ownership or control of hauling, harvesting and other related assets;

3. The existence of barriers to entry into the harvesting and hauling industry, including required capitalization;

4. The extent to which imbalances of supply and demand create opportunities for the unreasonable exercise of market power;

5. The advantages and disadvantages of altering the current market system in the harvesting and hauling of forest products;

6. The approaches taken in other states to address similar issues; and

7. The statewide market for such services.


To read the report in it’s entirety click on the link below.