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MEMPHIS, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Verso Paper Corp. (NYSE: VRS) today announced that it will permanently reduce its annual production capacity by 193,000 tons. This will be accomplished by the permanent shutdown of the No. 2 coated groundwood paper machine at its mill in Bucksport, Maine, effective October 23 and two supercalendered (SC) paper machines at its mill in Sartell, Minnesota, effective December 14.

The shutdown of the No. 2 paper machine at the Bucksport Mill will reduce Verso’s annual coated groundwood capacity by 90,000 tons or approximately 10 percent. With an annual capacity after the shutdown of 925,000 tons, Verso will remain the second largest producer of coated groundwood paper in North America. The Bucksport Mill’s workforce will be reduced by approximately 125 employees.

Source: Verso Paper Corp.