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PLC Member Weekly Update Oct. 6, 2023

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ALC Annual Meeting – Maine hosts national meeting!

MLOFT Students Now available for Job Shadows and Interviews

Cost Calculators – Members Only

PLC Store – NEW Small First Aid Pack!

Safety Resources *RSVP for Safety Committee Meeting Oct.11!

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PLC Welcomes ALC to Maine

The PLC welcomed The American Loggers Council (ALC) and loggers from across the nation to Newry Maine this week, with ALC President and PLC Board Member Andy Irish of Irish Family Logging hosting the three day Annual Meeting, held at Sunday River Resort.


PLC would like to thank Andy, his entire family and crew for their hard work to make the event a success. Congratulations Andy on completing your term as President and thank you for your efforts on behalf of the logging industry! We would also like to recognize PLC Supporting Members Frank Martin Sons and Whited Peterbilt for their participation in the logging tour and demo Wednesday and Acadia Insurance for sponsoring the Songo River cruise. Finally, thank you to all our Members who attended the event and represented the PLC so well, including many of our board members(pictured below).

Check out more pictures of the event on the PLC Facebook page at www.facebook.com/maineloggers

MLOFT Students Available for Job Shadows and Interviews

PLC Members,

Students in this year’s Mechanized Logging Operations and Forest Trucking Program (MLOFT) are seeking opportunities to job shadow with contractors on Fridays this fall. This is not only a great learning opportunity for them, but also a chance for you to meet and evaluate potential future employees for your business.

Students are also now available to meet with contractors to explore possible employment opportunities. If you need employees, we encourage you to reach out to schedule interviews now as students typically are hired even before their graduation (This year’s graduation will be on Nov. 9).

You may view information on each student below. If you are interested in having one or more students job shadow with you on a Friday, please contact Vanessa Tillson at 207-688-8195 or email office@plcloggers.org.

If you would like to visit the MLOFT program to meet students and see the program in action, please contact Donald Burr directly at (207) 356-1541 or email safety@plcloggers.org

PLC Members Only!

Equipment Cost Calculators Available


With expenses rising rapidly in the industry we know you are struggling to get a handle on your costs. This is a great time to utilize the cost calculators created in 2021 for PLC Members.

These new, easy to use, logging equipment and log trucking cost calculators are available on the PLC Members Only section of our web site You may access this private section of the web site with your member login or set up a login HERE.

These calculators allow you to quickly estimate the hourly cost of operation for any piece of your equipment.

DISCLAIMER: These calculators are being made available for your business use as a member benefit. They produce equipment estimates and are not official products of the PLC nor should they be used for negotiation purposes.

PLC Online Store

Looking for great PLC items and apparel? Gifts? First Aid packs, safety items and more? You will find them at the new PLC Online Store on our web site. Ordering is easy.


PLC Upcoming Meetings

PLC Executive Board Meeting

 Nov. 9

Location TBD

Safety Resources


PLC Safety Committee Meeting – Wednesday, Oct. 11

Please join us at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor on Wednesday, October 11 for a PLC Safety Committee (open to ALL PLC members) meeting to develop our safety training programs for 2024. You will also learn about training requirements and online training options that are available in 2023/2024.

From 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., join us, along with your local insurance agent and representatives from Acadia and MEMIC, to develop our safety plans for 2024. Following the safety committee meeting, Acadia clients and affiliated agents are invited to stay for a presentation from Acadia Insurance from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. to learn about claim trends, rates and areas of focus for 2024. 

Please RSVP to: office@plcloggers.org or call 207-688-8195 ext. 1

Logging and Timber Harvesting Underwriting Update for PLC Members who are with Acadia Insurance

New Small PLC Operator/Driver First Aid Pack!

In response to demand for a smaller/”must have in an emergency” first aid pack to be stored in a machine or pickup, the PLC has created a new Operator/Driver First Aid Pack.

  • Contains “must have in an emergency” bleeding control items 
  • One pack is recommended per machine/truck 
  • Detachable velcro panel ideal for mounting in a machine or truck
  • Meets OSHA requirements for a logging first aid kit
  • Supplements PLC’s larger first aid back pack but is not a replacement

The PLC Member price is $69 plus tax and shipping (if it is not picked up by the contractor or delivered by the PLC). Color RED

More information on the pack and its contents is available HERE. 

Get yours now by clicking HERE!

PLC Crew First Aid Backpack

Still available – This first aid pack was designed for the PLC members to provide you with the supplies you need for a crew in the woods. PLC Member Price – $299 plus tax and shipping (Free Pick-up available) – Color – RED

To order Click HERE

CPR/First Aid/Bloodborne Pathogens certification: Did you know your employees are required to have this training every two years? If your employees need this training in 2023, contact Jessica at Jessica@maineloggers.com or 207-688-8195 and the PLC will schedule training in your area. THIS TRAINING IS FREE TO MEMBERS!

Now FREE to Maine Loggers! A $300 value!


Communicating with Confidence
Presented by: Career Management Associates

October 12th
9:00am – 11:00am



Workplace safety and labor law requirements can seem complex – join the Maine Department of Labor for no-cost upcoming trainings!

Upcoming classes:

Fire Extinguisher | Emergency Action Plans | Workplace Violence –

October 16, 2023 | 8:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m.  SafetyWorks! Training Institute, 45 Commerce Drive, Augusta

In this class, you will learn about Emergency Action Plans, including the use of fire extinguishers and how to maintain them. In addition, this class tackles the emerging concern for workplace violence and how to prepare your organization for this hazard. This is a one-day hands-on class. Those attending this class should come prepared to discharge a fire extinguisher.   

Impairment Detection Training for Employers—

October 19, 2023 | 8:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m.  SafetyWorks! Training Institute, 45 Commerce Drive, Augusta

This one-day training session is designed to help owners, managers, and supervisors recognize and respond appropriately to employee-impairment in the workplace in order to reduce worker accidents and injuries. Participants will be taught procedures to detect impairment regardless of the substance or cause. This class is designed to fulfill the federal DOT requirements for reasonable suspicion training of supervisors. In addition, participants will learn how to develop and implement policies that address impairment in the workplace and are in compliance with Maine’s Substance Use Testing Law.

Welding/Compressed Gases—

October 23, 2023 | 8:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. SafetyWorks! Training Institute, 45 Commerce Drive, Augusta

This class covers the requirements of the welding standard, in addition to the storage and proper use of compressed gas. Proper inspection techniques of hoses, torches, and regulators will be demonstrated.

Safety & Health Management System—

October 24, 2023 | 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. SafetyWorks! Training Institute, 45 Commerce Drive, Augusta

Successful safety and health programs are more than just compliance with the OSHA standards. Injuries and illnesses are reduced when employers possess common elements to identify and address safety and health hazards. This course outlines roles and responsibilities, common principles, required functions and programs of a successful safety and health management system. This course prepares organizations who would like to pursue SHARP/SHAPE.

NEW Cold Illness Prevention—

October 25, 2023 | 8:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m., SafetyWorks! Training Institute, 45 Commerce Drive, Augusta

Whether it be outside on a construction site or working in an industrial freezer., some worksites in Maine can be very cold. This half-day class provides recommendations to prevent cold illnesses. Discuss signs and symptoms of hypothermia, trench foot, and other cold stress hazards.

Video Display Terminal Train-the-Trainer

October 27, 2023 | 8:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m., SafetyWorks! Training Institute, 45 Commerce Drive, Augusta

Maine’s Video Display Terminal (VDT) law requires employers to train VDT operators how to work safely at the computer. This class prepares trainers, supervisors, and safety-team members to recognize and eliminate the hazards to which VDT operators are exposed.

Emergency Scene Traffic Control

October 30, 2023 | 8:30–10:30 a.m., SafetyWorks! Training Institute, 45 Commerce Drive, Augusta

Performing duties while working in the roadway is extremely dangerous for emergency responders. This half-day class covers requirements for training, personal protective equipment (PPE) for firefighters and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers who will be controlling traffic at unplanned motor vehicle accidents. This program will also include setting up a safe work-zone, equipment needed, guidance for day and nighttime operations, blocking to protect the scene, apparatus parking, incident types, signs, communication regulatory text, liability and much more.

Safety Update Page

For more Safety resources and updates visit the PLC Safety Update page by clicking below!

Safety Resources for Members Only

The Safety Resources Page is located in the Members Only section of the PLC webite and contains many additional safety videos, resources, and materials for contractors. To check them out, click the link below and log in to the web site. If you do not have a login yet follow the instructions to create one. If you need help accessing the section contact the PLC office!


FMCSA has removed four ELDs from the list of registered Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs)

Motor carriers and drivers using ALL TRUCKERS ELD, GOLDEN ELD, PRIMELD, and SECURE ELD devices have 60 days to replace the revoked devices with compliant ELDs.

On July 25, 2023, FMCSA removed the four ELDs from the list of registered ELDs due to the companies’ failure to meet the minimum requirements established in 49 CFR part 395, subpart B, appendix A.

Motor carriers and drivers who use the ELDs must take the following actions:

Discontinue using the revoked ELDs and revert to paper logs or logging software to record required hours of service data.

Replace the revoked ELDs with compliant ELDs from the Registered Devices list before September 23, 2023.

Motor carriers and drivers who continue to use the revoked ELDs listed above on or after September 23, 2023, will be in violation of 49 CFR 395.8(a)(1)—“No record of duty status” and drivers will be placed out-of-service in accordance with the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) OOS Criteria.

If the ELD providers correct all identified deficiencies, FMCSA will place the ELDs back on the Registered Devices list and inform the industry and the field. However, FMCSA strongly encourages motor carriers to take the actions listed above now to avoid compliance issues in the event that these deficiencies are not addressed in time.


Contact ELD@dot.gov.

FMCSA has reinstated GOLDEN ELD and KSK ELD to the list of registered Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs).

As of July 25, 2023, the following device is now listed on the list of registered ELDs. The ELD was previously revoked but has been reinstated.

ELD Model number: GRS
ELD Identifier: GRS199

As of September 18, 2023, the following device is now listed on the list of registered ELDs. The ELD was previously revoked, but has been reinstated.

ELD Model number: KSK1.0
ELD Identifier: KSKA01
ELD Provider: KSK Group, Inc.

Logging News

woods and heavy machinery

Maine’s logging trade association changes name, expands outside the state

The Professional Logging Contractors of Maine, a decades-old trade association, has a new name and potentially some new members. The group announced Tuesday that it has rebranded as the Professional Logging Contractors of the Northeast, and has opened eligibility to contractors in Vermont.

TimberHP launches North American sales of TimberFill

TimberHP is pleased to announce the beginning of sales of its first wood fiber insulation product, TimberFill, on the North American market. TimberFill, a loose fill insulation, can be blown in or dense packed for high performing, affordable, safe, and carbon negative coverage in attics, wall cavities, floors, and ceilings.

Jay mill developer says sale, details of plans in process

Filing to transfer of environmental permits from former Jay paper mill to a JGT2 Redevelopment LLC of Kansas is the first step in proposal to buy mill property and cogeneration facility.

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