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Professional Logging Contractors (PLC) of the Northeast encourages the public and legislators to recognize loggers as vital to the Northeast’s economy and forest health

AUGUSTA, ME – In recognition of Thursday, Oct. 12 as “National Loggers Day” the Professional Logging Contractors (PLC) of the Northeast encourages the public and the region’s lawmakers to support the Northeast’s loggers and recognize their importance to the culture, economy, and forest health of this region.

National Loggers Day was first observed in 2022, thanks to the efforts of the PLC, the American Logger’s Council (ALC), and legislators including Senators Susan Collins (R-ME) and Angus King (I-ME) as well as Congressman Jared Golden (D-ME). President Joe Biden issued a letter of recognition and support for the day that same year.

“The significance of this day cannot be overstated,” Dana Doran, Executive Director of the PLC, said. “At no prior time in our region’s history have loggers been recognized for their vital efforts by our nation’s government, and we thank our legislators for honoring their contribution to our nation’s economy on behalf of the hard-working small family businesses in the industry. Loggers work hard every day to supply citizens in the Northeast, the country and across the globe with products that they need to live safe and productive lives. It’s important to not only honor this heritage industry but also to be sure that every citizen recognizes the importance of their contribution now and in the future.”

National Loggers Day recognizes logging’s many important positive cultural, economic, and environmental impacts.

In the Northeast, logging provides rural jobs and revenue for local and state governments as well as state and national forests. In Maine alone, the industry contributed an estimated $582 million to the state economy in 2021.

Logging also provides renewable material for products and energy used by citizens in the Northeast every day. It is the means by which healthy forest management plans are implemented, recreational opportunities are preserved, and the carbon sequestration value of forests is maintained.

Will Cole, President of the PLC and a logger from Sidney, ME, said loggers don’t just work in the woods, they care about them and are true stewards of the forests.

“A real environmentalist not only cares about the environment but cares for it,” Cole said. “A logger is a real environmentalist.”

Though consistently ranked as one of the most satisfying careers in the United States, logging is a challenging and demanding profession, and the rising operating costs of the industry as well as market losses, over-regulation, and aging of the workforce are all threats to its future.

Founded in Maine in 1995 by a handful of loggers who were concerned about the future of the logging and forest trucking industry, the PLC has grown steadily to become a regional trade association which provides independent logging contractors and truckers in the Northeast a voice in the rapidly changing forest products industry. Board membership consists of only loggers, making it an organization that is run by loggers on behalf of loggers.

Learn more about the PLC at www.plcloggers.org